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Medical Sports Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a successful treatment for sports related injuries. Injuries often occur during participation in organized sports, training and/or fitness. Typically injuries can be categorized into acute or chronic. Acute injuries are often traumatic-such as a sprained ankle. Chronic injuries are more than likely due to overuse-such as an elbow or knee injury due to repetitive training.

Many athletes find Acupuncture effective in treating sports injuries. Acupuncture is helpful for pain relief, reduction of swelling and inflammation, and overall body health. Because of this many professional sports organizations are using Acupuncture to decrease healing times and reduce pain.

Treatment modalities include (but are not limited to) acupuncture, cupping, guasha, massage, and electro-stimulation. Adina specializes in the treatment of neck, shoulder, elbow, low back, hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries. 

Performance Meditation

Meditation is important for every athlete. More and more studies are showing meditation being effective for focus, calming fear and anxiety, reducing stress and coping with pain.  Adina offers specialized meditation and techniques for the individual athlete or team.  To further enhance meditation Adina will use aromatherapy and/or AromaAcu Point therapy to reduce anxiety and enhance performance.